Spotlight Interview … Artist / Photographer Josephine Chervinska


Iryna Smolych aka; Josephine Chervinska is one of the very gifted photographers I have come across via the Internet and Photo She hails from Kiev in the Ukraine.Her images exhibit a moody and rich color clarity which captivates the viewer. Her subject matter ranges from fine art interpretations to landscapes, portraits, and still life.

JRP: Thank you Josephine for taking time out to share with us your images and photographic philosophy.

Josephine: Thank you very much James for your kind words. Generally I would not call myself a photographer but rather an artist who uses photos as a tool for creations.

My main purpose is to create a fantastic world. A world without suffering and anger. A world without envy and lies. I want my world to be full of beauty, dreams, cleanness, and love.

I use the pseudonym of Josephine very simply as a connection to that world. I know my inner voice is calling me in the magic world of photography. The real world is lovely and various but unfortunately it isn’t always kind and fair. Therefore sometimes I want to make my own world. A fantastic world!

JRP: When and where did you get your start in photography?

Josephine: Four years ago my husband and I had to shoot a music video. The shoot was taking place in the photo studio of a famous photo artist “Vladimir Shulevsky” but we were not acquainted with him before this. His magnificent nature and still-life images became the first push for me to take a camera in my hands.

JRP: What equipment and software do your favor in your work flow?

Josephine: My first camera was a Sony DSR-828. Now I use a Sony R-1 (high-end prosumer digital camera with perfect Carl Zeiss lens) and a Sony Alpha DSLR A-100, ten mega pixel (CCD) digital SLR. I also use polarization filter and professional flash for Sony R-1.

My favorite software is Adobe Photoshop. This is really perfect tool for all photographers from beginner to professional.

JRP: You have been a member of for nearly three years. as this association along with any others helped to broaden your photographic horizons?

Josephine: Of course. Some of the images by other photographers on Photo.Net are not only an example of a high level of experience, but also act as an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me. When I see these masterpieces I think, “How was it possible to make this image?” I personally feel that Photo.Net is one of the richest sources on the Internet because some of the best photographers have the ability to show their works there.

JRP: How do you arrive at your use of color in the interpretations of your images?

Josephine: Everything depends on my mood. Any feelings can be vivid or dreary, saturated or colorless. However, I must confess that I like colors, different colors and you can see it in my work.

JRP: Take us through a little of your thought process as you prepare to hoot say a landscape with people in it. How do you come up with such great and moody skylines?

Josephine: Sometimes I’m lucky to make a good shot but often I mix several photos in Photoshop to come up with one image. Landscape, sky, objects, people, animals, birds, I shoot everything separately. I think it’s the same difficult work as a separate image because you need to have your own style and big experience.

JRP: The work of yours I have seen reminds me of paintings. Perhaps it is just me but is that part of your presentation style?

Josephine: I have never aspired to strike anyone with my images. I just like to create my own world and try to put my soul into my works.

JRP: What advice do you have for someone just breaking into photography with artistic intentions?

Josephine: I think what is most important is to be sincere to yourself, and work hard eternally.

JRP: To view more of Josephine Chervinska’ s work go to this link:

2 thoughts on “Spotlight Interview … Artist / Photographer Josephine Chervinska

  1. I can see that you put your soul in your works, which are transmite strong emotions and feelings.
    you’re works are very creative and absolutely fantastic…
    You inspire many people for sure…

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