Spotlight Interview … Surreal / Portrait Photographer Katerina Lomonosov

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JRP: Surreal – Portrait Photographer Katerina Lomonosov has been kind enough to share her thoughts and images with James Robinson Photography Blog. Thank you Katerina for taking a few moments with us. Where do you call home?

Katerina Lomonosov: For me my home is a place where people are glad to see me. Where people are waiting for me, and where I’m always flush with joy. I have two homes, one is in Lvov, Ukraine. It’s the house of my parents that I left many years ago. My second home is here in Israel where I live with my family.

JRP: How did you get your start in photography? Did you have any formal training?


Katerina Lomonosov: I started photography nine years ago. I had no previous education or training in photography. I simply took a camera in my hands, trying to fill some kind of “void” I felt in my life with something beautiful, interesting, and bright. Everything I do and I know came to me from my own experiences and inner inspiration.

JRP: What is it about your chosen genre of photography that most inspires you?

Katerina Lomonosov: Portraits inspire me most of all. I consider my work a success if I manage to show not simply someone’s outer world, but also somehow touch their inner world.

JRP: Name a few photographers that have contributed to your growth and style.


Katerina Lomonosov: I can’t point to a particular photographer whose work has had an impact on my growth. I draw inspiration from many portrait artists. I can spend hours contemplating the portraits of Rembrandt and if he had been a photographer, I would name him as my teacher. 🙂

JRP: What would I find in your camera bag for a typical shoot?

Katerina Lomonosov: My camera is a Canon 5D Mark 2 with 24-70 lens, and a Lens Baby.

JRP: As for lighting do you personally favor artificial or available, hard or soft, and why? What type of modifiers do you use and why?


Katerina Lomonosov: In my works I use natural lighting, namely the light from the window in my room, against the white wall as a background. My favorite lighting is the “dramatic” contrast lighting of the late afternoon almost before the sun set. That is when the shadows become more dense. Such lighting is the most appropriate for me and is my favorite lighting. I don’t use any artificial light.

JRP: Please describe your digital work-flow and the software you use.Does your post processing contribute heavily to your style?


Katerina Lomonosov: All my photographs I process in Photoshop. I consider Photoshop to be an artist’s brushes and paint. It helps me “paint” the picture I conceived in my head. My post processing affects my style. One can usually recognize my works thanks to my editing,

JRP: Could you share one of your most memorable shoots and what made it special for you?

Katerina Lomonosov: A portrait is a perfect means for embodying a multitude of different ideas. As an example, I can offer the portrait of my son. I call this work “Philosophy of non-freedom.


To a large degree this work was conceived long before the shooting, and as they say, “carried” by me, for a long time before I took a camera in my hands.

JRP: If not photography what would you be doing with your time?

Katerina Lomonosov: If not for photography, I would probably go crazy due to idleness and boredom. Maybe I would draw but as a result I would come back to photography.

JRP: What has been some of the best advice given to you by another photographer?

Katerina Lomonosov: The best advice at the very beginning of my creative journey was, “A true photographer does not show the bad photos.” I think it was the best advice which I have followed since. If I don’t post for a long time it doesn’t mean that I don’t shoot new pictures. What it means is that I don’t have photos worthy of my audience.

JRP: What special advice would you like to share with other photographers?

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Katerina Lomonosov: I would say to all the photographers … experienced as well as not is do not hunt after equipment, pixels, lenses, and expensive cameras. Shoot with your head, eyes, and heart. Masterpieces will flow from them.

JRP: Thank you Katerina for sharing your thoughts and images with us. We wish you continued success. To view more of Katerina Lomonosov’s photography follow these links:


One thought on “Spotlight Interview … Surreal / Portrait Photographer Katerina Lomonosov

  1. Another grand interview James. Katerina, I could study your images for hours, the unique detailing is so rich, yet the images not over-styled. I really appreciate your saying not to ‘hunt after equipment, pixels, lenses, and expensive cameras’. Thank you so much for sharing your photos and inspirations.

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