Spotlight Interview … Photojournalist Arindam Mukherjee

JRP Blog welcomes the talented Photojournalist Arindam Mukherjee to this segment of our Spotlight Interviews. Thank you Arindam for sharing a few moments with our readers.

Arindam Mukherjee: Thank you James for inviting me.

JRP: Where do you call home?

Arindam Mukherjee: My home is in Kolkata, India. I stay with my wife and mother.

JRP: What led you to pursue photojournalism and do you have any formal training?

Arindam Mukherjee: I am a self taught photographer. One workshop conducted by the British Council changed my vision as a photographer and eventually led me to documentary photography.

JRP: Are there any photographers whose work has inspired you and helped define your approach to photojournalism?

Arindam Mukherjee: When I was young Mr. Raghu Rai’s work inspired me a lot. I am a great fan of Salgado’s work. But nowadays lots of people are producing great works which inspires me a lot.

JRP: What would we find in your camera bag for a typical assignment shoot?

Arindam Mukherjee: One camera, one 50mm lens, one 35mm lens, one 17 – 50 mm lens , one 80 – 200 lens and a flash. Along with this I carry about 50 gbs of cards, one spare battery,

JRP: Is there one lens that you tend to favor and why?

Arindam Mukherjee: I mostly like to shoot in 35 mm lens. I change lens according to the situation. From the very beginning I trained my eye with wide angle view. 35 has such an angle of view which is not too wide but can capture the atmosphere beautifully.

JRP: Could you please describe your digital work flow and the software you use?

Arindam Mukherjee: Only Photoshop CS3. I really don’t alter the photograph. In that way I belong to the old school. I only do that much of an edit on a photograph that could have been done in an analog dark room.

JRP: Do you make use of a lot of custom white balances when you shoot?

Arindam Mukherjee: I keep it in auto mode.

JRP: Image printing, how do you handle that?

Arindam Mukherjee: Printing houses handles that.

JRP: For you what is the most critical moment in the capture of an image?

Arindam Mukherjee: According to me the emotion is the most important thing which actually connects the viewer to the photograph.

JRP: With today’s economy what changes are driving the photojournalism market place and how have you adjusted?

Arindam Mukherjee: The market is not that bad actually. The number of photographers has increased but not that all of them are producing good work. So these photographers are not selling. If the work is good enough it is getting sold. I am happy with the situation I am in now. No complaints.

JRP: What advice would you like to share with photographers starting out?

Arindam Mukherjee: Please don’t think it is easy. Be patient and do your work. Keep your eyes open. Know about the current issues. Think globally and work locally as you know your land the best.

JRP: Thank you Arindam for sharing your thoughts and images with us. It has been a real pleasure talking with you. We wish you continued success.

Arindam Mukherjee: Thank you James. It was nice talking to you.

JRP: To view more of Arindam Mukherjee’s photography please follow these links:


3 thoughts on “Spotlight Interview … Photojournalist Arindam Mukherjee

  1. Arindam Mukherjee is without doubt one of India’s most talented photojournalists! Like him, I am also a freelance photojournalist and I have been also influenced by Raghu Rai! Having said that, what I did like most about the above interview is Arindam’s telling remark “nowadays lots of people are producing great works which inspires me a lot.” This one statement sure does speak volumes for the extent of talent which is inherent in India at the moment, which still lies latent and unexplored till date! I wish Arindam all the very best and success in all his photojournalistic endeavours! Warmest Regards! Sandeep Ghosh.

  2. Arindam Mukherjee is a great photojournalist who inspires a lot of young and aspiring photographers. I wish him all the best for all of his endeavors!

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