Spotlight Interview … Wedding & Portrait Photographers Ike & Tash


Please welcome the photographic team of Isaiah and Latasha Haynes better known as Ike & Tash to this segment of James Robinson Photography Blog. Thanks for sharing this time with us.

Ike & Tash: Thank you for having us! We are so honored to be apart of the James Robinson Photography Blog community.

JRP: Where do you call home?

Ike & Tash: We call “home” the road, but we have a physical home in Tacoma, WA., just south of Seattle.

JRP: How did the two of you meet and get your start in photography? Is there any formal training in your backgrounds?

Ike & Tash: We met on Myspace, remember Myspace, two complete and total strangers. We had been married 2.5 years when I started dabbling in photography. About 6 months later Isaiah joined me. I did a mentor-ship with a photographer in another state, came back and taught Ike everything I learned and we watched a lot of CreativeLIVE and YouTube videos and practiced a lot!

JRP: Who are some of the visual artists that have inspired you and influenced your work from a still and motion perspective?

Ike & Tash: Gosh, that is a great question. We both are inspired by a lot of different people, and often their work is very different from our own. We love Jordan Voth, Andria Lindquist, Jerry Ghionis, Kacey Luvi, Susan Stripling, Joshua Dwain.

In terms of motion, Alejandra Vidal of Imaginale Films is incredible. In the beginning Ike really studied the work of all the guys from

JRP: How are assignments handled? Do you split time between the two visual disciplines or do you both specialize?


Tash: I focus on the portrait and teaching sides of our business, this includes, families, high school seniors, all workshops, mentor-ships and our conference, BLINK.

Isaiah covers the wedding, event and motion sides of the business. We assist each other, but we typically lead in those areas.

JRP: Do you have people who assist you with your projects and if so what roles do they play?

Ike & Tash: We have been blessed to have the amazing support of our sister Melinda. She spearheads our conference, BLINK, and serves as the director. She also is creative director for a lot of our projects, and serves as an amazing brainstorming partner. There are so many things we could not manage if it weren’t for her help. She keeps me organized and on top of things so I can really focus on being the best photographer I can be. In turn this also frees Ike up to focus on the things he does.


We have a fantastic intern who does a lot of the tedious work that we don’t always have time to do. We outsource to Photographer’s Edit for weddings and Rebooku.

We get amazing help from my aunt, who serves as nanny to our daughter Wisdom who is 18 months.

JRP: What would we find in your camera bag for a typical assignment shoot?

Ike & Tash: D700, D800, 2 Nikkor 85 1.8, 2 Nikkor 50 1.4, 1 Nikkor 105, Nikkor 35 2.0, Nikkor 28mm two batteries, a slew of CF and SD cards, a BOSE wireless speaker, 2 iphones, cell phone charger, debit card, and some Mentos or fruit snacks.

JRP: Please describe your digital work flow and software for still and motion work.

copyrightIke&TashJacobsen 2013-5810

Ike & Tash: For Stills: shoot, download images to computer, back up to hard drive, cull using Photo Mechanic, import selected images into Lightroom, color correct the favorites, do additional retouching in Photoshop and upload to Shootproof, and then a client viewing and ordering session.

For Motion: shoot, download footage and back up to computer and hard drive, find melody using either The Music Bed or Triple Scoop Music, edit video in Adobe Premier then export to Youtube/Vimeo/Instagram/Facebook.

JRP: What makes your wedding coverage unique? Your portraits?

Ike & Tash: Our wedding coverage is unique because you get two different photographers with two different areas of focus, one with a strength and emphasis on documentary photojournalism and one with a strong focus on portraiture.


Our portraits are unique because they have a modern and urban flare for city dwellers!

JRP: When do you feel the most critical moment takes place in the capture of your image or scene?

Ike & Tash: The moment after the moment …. the moment after the moment is set up when real emotion takes place. Whether it’s a giggle, a slight look or a soft embrace. It’s what the client thinks we didn’t see and we did …. we froze it in time.

JRP: Name a shoot or project that opened your eyes to the distance you’ve come as artists.


Ike & Tash: In terms of a project, our BLINK Conference showed us the respect we had in the industry, by both our photography heroes and our peers. The inaugural year was 2013 and we had a strong line up and a great showing.

This year’s conference sold out in 72 hours and we are already preparing for 2015! I think every time we go out and shoot and create beautiful imagery we see our growth!

JRP: If not photography what would Ike & Tash be doing with their time?

Ike & Tash: Isaiah would likely be working by day and trading stocks and studying equities by night. I would be in youth development. A career path that I left to pursue full-time photography after 10 years of work. I would likely be pursuing a political career as well.

JRP: So far what has been the best advice given to you by another photographer?

Ike & Tash: Buy Quickbooks!

JRP: What advice would you share with photographers?

Ike & Tash: Buy Quickbooks (have a good accountant and keep up with your finances). Stop comparing yourselves to other people … be yourself and embrace YOUR position.

JRP: You attended WPPI this year. How does such an event influence your image making and business?

Ike & Tash: Every year we learn a new technique, meet new people, develop philosophies and principles for our business. This would not happen without the energy and enthusiasm that comes from attending a conference with 20,000 of your closest work colleagues.

JRP: Thank you Ike & Tash for sharing this time with us. We wish you continued success. To view more of Ike & Tash’s still and motion work please follow these links:


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