Spotlight Interview … Photographer Manuel Librodo Jr.

JRP: I came across Manny Librodo Jr.’s galleries of portraits on, and like so many others who have viewed Manny’s work I have been deeply impressed with his images.

He has developed a style that now has quite a following as is evident by his schedule of international workshops and lecture appearances at home.

Thanks Manny for sharing time with JRP Blog and our readers.

Manuel Librodo Jr.: It is such an honor. I can’t even imagine being put in the same league as other photographers featured here. Thank you for noticing my work as they are basically “me”.

JRP: Where do you call home?

Manuel Librodo Jr.: My sentimental home is definitely the Philippines however Bangkok, Thailand blows a fresh breath of air to my day to day existence now.

JRP: How did your journey in photography begin. Do you have any formal training?

Manuel Librodo Jr.: My journey as a photographer started off with my travels. I wanted to document my trips. I wanted to share with others what I saw in places others have not been to. Without any formal training in photography I just follow my gut-feel. I shoot with my heart.

JRP: The geographical region where you do most of your photography provides a rich array of color and subject matter that western photographers simply lack. How would you approach your subject matter here say in North America as opposed to where you normally shoot?

Manuel Librodo Jr.: With a smile. It is a universal greeting. With sincerity of heart. It is a universal language. If these two fail, I will then turn my energy to someone who will return the gesture. Or … I will will change into my 70-200 lens and shoot the sniper-way.

JRP: Describe the equipment I would find in your camera bag?

Manuel Librodo Jr.: My new Nikon D3 and my new 24-70 Nikkor lens. My old reliable equipment such as the 70-200 Nikkor lens, also my Epson P5000 for showing off my pictures to others.

JRP: What type of editing software do you use in your work flow?

Manuel Librodo Jr.: Only Photoshop CS2. I recently upgraded to CS3.

JRP: A great deal of the work shown in your on-line galleries is done using available light. Do you ever use studio lighting or fill lighting on location?

Manuel Librodo Jr.: The world is my studio and with abundant light who needs artificial lighting?

Actually, I am just sour-graping since I am not a very technical person. Manipulating lighting equipment will probably be very difficult for me. I would like to learn how to do it but it will be a part of my photographic evolution.

JRP: A lot of your work has been published. What are the challenges for a photographer in your native market to sell their work?

Manuel Librodo Jr.: There are so many very good photographers around. Sometimes the styles look similar. Having your own individual style and getting noticed for it that is a real challenge but worth all the persistence, hard work, and determination.

JRP: What has been your most memorable or favorite photo to date?

Manuel Librodo Jr.: The picture of Rosalinda. It was a life-changing experience. It was a learning process. There was a connection between her and me.

JRP: What is most important to you, technique or vision?

Manuel Librodo Jr.: Certainly vision. Technique can be developed. Vision gives your work a human touch. It adds spices to your photos. It touches the soul of your subjects, your audience or even you. Vision keeps you inspired to keep on capturing humanity.

JRP: What has been the best advice given to you by another photographer?

Manuel Librodo Jr.: That every person likes to be photographed. So don’t be shy to approach someone.

JRP: What advice would you give to a young photographer starting out?

Manuel Librodo Jr.: Keep your youth with you. Be different and keep on shooting. There’s no better learning than actually experiencing it.

JRP: Thank you again Manny for sharing your thoughts and photography with us. It has been a pleasure talking with you.

Manuel Librodo Jr.: It too was a pleasure sharing my thoughts about this passion we share … photography.

JRP: Don’t forget to checkout our “Community Bulletin Board” which has information about upcoming workshops with Manuel Librodo Jr. To view more of Manny’s impressive photography please go to this link:


4 thoughts on “Spotlight Interview … Photographer Manuel Librodo Jr.

  1. I have been a fan of Manny for the last 5 years, since I met him through Pbase. I only wanted to explore portraiture and people photography after seeing his amazing images, and he is truly an artist!

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