Spotlight Interview … Fashion Photographer Jingna Zhang


JRP: Jingna Zhang is a talented young fashion photographer that caught my eye with her fashion work on We are pleased to share her work and vision with our readers in the first interview of 2009.

Thank you Jingna for sharing a moment with JRP Blog.

Jingna Zhang: Thank you too.

JRP: Where is home for you?

Jingna Zhang: I was born in the outskirts of Beijing and moved to Singapore at the age of 8. Now I travel frequently between the two cities, they’re both homes to me.

JRP: How did you get started in photography? Do you have any formal training?

Jingna Zhang: I picked up a camera on my 18th birthday just to take photos for fun. It just started from there, no formal training whatsoever. Just explorations and a bucket of interest to create.

JRP: Why do you photograph fashion?


Jingna Zhang: To most fashion is glamorous. For me I guess it adds that being female I’ve always been fascinated with beautiful clothes. From grand dresses in fairytales to looking at images of couture dresses on models as I grew up in magazines and papers.

JRP: What would I find in your camera bag for a typical shoot?

Jingna Zhang: Canon 1Ds MarkIII, 28-135mm, 50mm 1.4, 85mm 1.8, 100mm 2.8.

JRP: Describe your digital workflow and the software you use.

jingnazhangredemption_by_zemotionbJingna Zhang: For Canon I shoot into the Canon EOS digital capture (or just on card), then load into Lightroom for color adjustments, post pro and touch ups in Photoshop. Otherwise (for digital backs) I usually shoot into CaptureOne and make color/white balance adjustments there. Then I load into Lightroom just for cataloging and then Photoshop.

JRP: How do you handle image printing?

jingnazhangof-the-night-a-dream-of-youbJingna Zhang: I usually send my works to photo labs for printing. For important occasions (competitions, book, exhibitions) I send my works to professional fine art printers.

JRP: What is your philosophy on lighting? Do you prefer available light?

Jingna Zhang: I like available light (and hotlights) for the gentleness and privacy it gives me. Strobes tend to feel less intimate but definitely are  necessary too. At the end of the day it depends on what I’m going for in the final picture.

jingnazhangsiren-song5bJRP: What for you is the most critical moment of image capture?

Jingna Zhang: The moment my heart tells my finger to press the shutter.

JRP: What has been the best advice given to you by another photographer?

Jingna Zhang: Being told to pursue and explore what I have, and do what I believe in.

JRP: What advice would you share with photographers starting out?


Jingna Zhang: Disregard what you don’t have and make the best out of what you do.

JRP: Thank you Jingna for sharing your thoughts and images with us. It has been a pleasure talking with you. I wish you continued success.

Jingna Zhang: Thank you for the interview, it’s my pleasure. 🙂

JRP: To view more of Jingna Zhang’s photography please follow these links:


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