Spotlight Interview … Photographer George Rustchev

JRP:George Rustchev is a photographer whose surrealistic images I came across on His artistic renderings are thought provoking.

Thanks George for taking time to share your photography and experience with the readers of JRP Blog.

George Rustchev: I am very proud that I could be a part of this blog.

JRP: Where do you call home?

George Rustchev: I am from Sofia, Bulgaria.

JRP: What led you to photography? Do you have any formal training?

George Rustchev: No, I don’t have any formal training. Everything I know about photography is learnt from the Internet, different kinds of forums, and friends. I am sure that one day I will need more erudition, and than I will join some courses.

My passion for photography was given to me by my father. When I was kid, he gave me his old Praktica to take some shots.

JRP: What are the tools of your craft? Give us a peek into your camera bag.

George Rustchev: I became a part of digital photography one year ago as I bought one Canon PowerShot S3 IS. All of my photos you see on my site are made with it. A few days ago I bought Canon EOS 450D with EF-S 18-55 and EF-S 55-250 lenses, but there are no photos posted yet.

JRP: What software do you use for your digital workflow?

George Rustchev: I use Adobe Photoshop CS3.

JRP: Given the surrealistic nature of most of your work, which is most important to you, technique or vision?

George Rustchev: The most important to me is the idea. That is exactly what makes one photo different and unique.

JRP: What has been one of your most memorable photos to date? Give us an idea of how and why the image came into being.

George Rustchev: The most memorable photo is the one with the hand and the apple. It was November 1st of last year, and it was my wife’s birthday. I was waiting for her to get ready to go out to celebrate. All of you know how many hours it takes for a woman’s make-up.

As I was sitting in the kitchen I saw that apple and in the next moment the frame was in my mind.

JRP: What has been the best advice given to you by another photographer?

George Rustchev: Every advice given to me is important so I could not point out any one of them.

JRP: What advice would you give to a photographer starting out?

George Rustchev: Don’t stop shooting! Try to be different and original. Try to create your own style. Show your unique world as you see it, and as you feel it.

JRP: Thank you again George for sharing your thoughts and photography with us. It has been a pleasure talking with you.

George Rustchev: Thank you for the invitation. I hope that this is not our last meeting.

JRP: To view more of George Rustchev’s impressive gallery please go to this link:

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