Spotlight Interview … Fashion Photographer Matusciac Alex

JRP: Matusciac Alex is a talented photographer who specializes in fashion. I came across his work while surfing on One can only be impressed as you view his images, which is why I sought an interview with him.

Thanks Matusciac for taking time to answer my request for an interview.

Matusciac Alex: Thank you James for finding my work interesting.

JRP: Where do you call home Matusciac?

Matusciac Alex: I was born in Timisoara, Romania and still live here today.

JRP: Have you had any formal training in photography?

Matusciac Alex: I don’t have any training in photography. The Internet was a very good source for learning, also friends that I’ve made since I started to pursue my photographic vision.

JRP: Matusciac what camera / lighting equipment, and software do you use of in your work flow?

Matusciac Alex: My first camera was a Canon 400D. That was a very good camera for me, and my first lighting kit where two 45w heads with umbrellas. Now I have a Canon 40D with grip.

Lighting to me is the most important thing in photography. I use all kinds of lighting softboxes, beauty dishes, grids, snoots, reflectors, etc. The most important thing is to try to perfectly balance your light in the photo. When you have done that you can start shooting.

Software, I use Lightroom for raw processing then Photoshop for retouching.

JRP: I first became aware of your work on Do you have any other sites where you participate in as a member?

Matusciac Alex: On PhotoNet I have the most pictures and I’m active on a few photography forums,,,, and

JRP: What about fashion attracts you as a photographer?

Matusciac Alex: First I like working with people. Fashion is a domain that has no limits when it comes to creativity so you also have to be very careful about aesthetics.

JRP: Besides fashion what other areas of photography interest you?

Matusciac Alex: Any area that includes people and conceptual thought. commercial, film, nudes, and so on.

JRP: Matusciac I saw the images of your studio facility and it looks wonderful. I noticed that you also have it available for rental to other photographers. Has this aspect worked well for you and other photographers?

Matusciac Alex: Yes this appears to be great but unfortunately the studio is in Timisoara and there is not so much work to do. Believe it or not no one calls me about studio renting. I’m planning to move this year and investigate other places.

JRP: Take us through some of your thought processes as you prepare your lighting for a photo session. What is most important about your lighting style, and what do you want it to convey to the viewer of your images?

Matusciac Alex: In the studio I just put my light with the model in a position trying to achieve a graphic shape that fits the picture frame. Not thinking about the picture itself. When your shape is good and balanced as a graphic then the light on your model is good. I also move some lights and put in others to change the mood as we go along with the shoot. I don’t have a flash meter and I don’t see the use of that for digital. If I start shooting on film I will buy one. Remember there are ways to check exposure with a digital camera body.

JRP: What is your workflow like in your digital darkroom?

Matusciac Alex: I shoot raw. First I copy my pictures from the card to the harddrive and burn a DVD for back-up. Next, I import the RAWs into LightRoom and a rating process takes place. I continue rating the images using a star designation until I arrive at my final selections. Those make it out into the world. All pre-processing is done in Lightroom, white balance, exposure, toning, etc. Retouching is done in Photoshop if needed.

JRP: Technique or vision, which is most important to you?

Matusciac Alex: The two are just like one in photography. It’s useless if you have a vision and your technique is so bad that you can not capture it as you see it in your mind. You can not be good at technique if you learn it mathematically, if you see the light creating shapes and shadows then we are coming back to vision.

JRP: What is the best advice you have received so far about photography?

Matusciac Alex: “Go buy the camera you want so much!” (Talking about my first camera)

JRP: What advice do you have for a new photographer focusing on fashion?

Matusciac Alex: The most important thing in working with people in photography is you. Not the camera, lenses, or equipment. It is how you act in different situations. How you talk. How the person you are shooting “sees” you. The rest … it’s learnable.

JRP: Thanks again Matusciac for sharing with us your photography and vision.

To view more of Matusciac Alex’s revealing work please visit these links:

Please be advised there is some nudity on display.


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