Spotlight Interview … Fashion Photographer Kevin Sinclair

JRP: Welcome Fashion Photographer Kevin Sinclair to this “Spotlight Segment of JRP Blog. Thank you Kevin for sharing time with us.

Kevin Sinclair: My pleasure. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of the “Spotlight Segment“.

JRP: Kevin where do you call home? How did you get your start in photography? Is there any formal training in your background?

Kevin Sinclair: New York City is home at the moment. This is where I got started in photography about 8 years ago. I did not have much training in this field but I have watched and observed photographers. I have experimented with lighting which allowed me to craft my style.

JRP: When was the moment where it clicks for you that this is what you should be doing, and why fashion photography?

Kevin Sinclair: I was always torn between fashion illustration and fashion photography. I studied fashion illustration for 4 years but after I saw the digital movement happening and that there was less demand for illustrators I decided to pursue a career in fashion photography.

JRP: Name some photographers you feel have impacted your work and why?

Kevin Sinclair: There are so many great legends. But I would have to say Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Bob Richardson, and Peter Lindbergh. These photographers impacted my work in a big way. As a child I would spend many hours in book stores manly in the photography section looking at these guys wishing one day I could take beautiful imagery like them.

JRP: Do you have a support staff? What areas do they handle?

Kevin Sinclair: Yes, I have a partner that is always on top of things when it comes to technology, handling email communication, and time management but everyone close to me is a great support. I am very lucky to have amazing friends and family that I can always look to when it comes to advice and major decision makings.

JRP: What equipment would I find in your camera bag or studio for a typical shoot? What lighting equipment do you favor and why?

Kevin Sinclair: I use Speedotron lighting products for my personal projects. I have always used this brand since the beginning. On most jobs I use either a Hasselblad or a Canon EOS 5D Mark 2.

JRP: Could you describe your digital work-flow and the software you use?

Kevin Sinclair: My digital workflow consists of fashion editorials. The software I mainly use is Adobe Bridge and Photoshop.

JRP: Do you personally print your images?

Kevin Sinclair: I did in the past. It was something I had enjoyed doing but as the workflow progressed I had little time to spend on printing. Now I send all my prints out.

JRP: How did Vestal get started and what role does it play currently in your career?

Kevin Sinclair: Vestal was an idea my partner and I were discussing on April 2010. We decided to move forward with our first issue August 2010. Vestal is a way for me, other photographers, and so many other talents to have a creative outlet to showcase our work.

JRP: With today’s economic conditions tell us how you keep productive and retain your creative edge?

Kevin Sinclair: I try to keep myself balanced. When I work for a client I cannot always express my editorial view in full but I am committed 100% to giving the client what they need adding that subtle edge that makes the imagery special. Then I can express my full creativity with Vestal and editorial oriented projects.

JRP: Are there any memorable images or shoots you could share with us? What made that image or shoot special?

Kevin Sinclair: That is a very good question. There are so many memorable shoots but one that stood out to me was a job I did for a client a few years ago and the model we were shooting had a nervous breakdown on the set. It took us hours to get her back to normal and we had a mere 45 minutes left to shoot an 8 page editorial. I managed to stay calm and collected and put the model at ease. It could have been a disaster of a shoot but in the end it turned out to be one of the most beautiful jobs the client ever received.

JRP: What do you feel is one of the major mistakes new photographers make in pursuing a career in fashion?

Kevin Sinclair: The mistake new photographers make is spending so much money to find “It“. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars to learn photography nor do you need to spend a large amount of money on equipment. There are so many ways to learn. There are free group sessions you can take or assisting is another good way to learn. It really has to become a style that is true to you.

JRP: What has been some of the best advice given to you by another photographer?

Kevin Sinclair: Don’t stop!

JRP: What special advice would you like to share with other photographers?

Kevin Sinclair: I will pass on the same advice that was given to me and say “Don’t stop!“. If you have a passion for photography have fun with it and stay pure to your vision.

JRP: Thank you Kevin for sharing your thoughts and images with us. It has been a pleasure.

Kevin Sinclair: Thank you for taking time to interview me.

JRP: To view more of Kevin Sinclair’s photography please follow these links:


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