Spotlight Interview … Fashion Photographer Christine Szeredy

JRP: Christine Szeredy truly exhibits a wealth of memorable work on her website. I am pleased that she is willing to share a few moments with the readers of JRP Blog. Thank you Christine for your participation.

Christine Szeredy: You are welcome.

JRP: Where do you call home Christine?

Christine Szeredy: Right now I am based out of Charlotte, North Carolina.

JRP: How did you get your start in photography? Is there any formal training in your background?

Christine Szeredy: I had an odd start from engineering and architecture to art. My parents had the concern that I might not be able to make a living with Photography, therefore I went to engineering school in Germany. These days I am doing what I really love. I am currently enrolled in the Academy of Art University for a Masters in Fine Art Photography.

JRP: What is it about photography that drives your creativity?

Christine Szeredy: I love to work on locations. My goal is to create a connection between the model and the surrounding. I tend to switch between dramatic and simplistic depending on location and clothing.

JRP: When it comes to equipment what would I find in your camera bag and or studio for a typical shoot? What lighting equipment do you favor?

Christine Szeredy: I use Profoto a lot. I like how reliable the light works. Luckily they have a great student program that makes it affordable. My choice of camera is a Canon. I used the Canon 5D for the longest time and upgraded not to long ago to a Canon 5D ll. I choose Canon because I work in low light situations quite a bit. The Canon seems to handle this kind off light very well and without creating too much digital noise.

JRP: Could you please describe your digital work-flow and the software you use.

Christine Szeredy: Most off the time I shoot on CF cards that seems to be easier in regards off moving around on location. I like to use Lightroom to organizing my files and Photoshop for retouching. I use the Canon software occasionally it seems to give me a better editing choice with my raw files.

JRP: Do you print your images?

Christine Szeredy: I barely print my images only for my portfolio. Most of the time I see them printed by others.

JRP: Break down one of your images and please explain the lighting and any special concerns you had during the shoot?

Christine Szeredy: I’ll pick an image that means a lot to me personally. I just got my new camera and I called one of my best friends that also is one of my favorite models, Jennifer Kenner to set up a test shoot. We always wanted to do something creative with her dog, a husky and Jennifer’s heritage. She is partly Native American (Cherokee). So we came up with this head-piece made out of wood and dried white flowers, and painted her body with gold flakes. The light source was a gold/silver reflector bouncing a mixture of studio light and natural light.

JRP: What are some new directions being taken by you in your photography?

Christine Szeredy: Right now we dealing with a changing market. Budgets are smaller and the need of making money in a bad economic situation is more challenging. I feel that Fashion will change again and new trends will come up, therefore I am doing a lot reading and watching the development within the market.

JRP: Would you share some of the best advice given to you by another photographer?

Christine Szeredy: The best advice a photographer gave me was: If you think you are the best you will start being bad because art is a constant development.

JRP: What advice would you like to share with other photographers?

Christine Szeredy: Shoot, shoot, shoot, and shoot as much you possibly can. The more you shoot, the more experienced you become. If you don’t have a job or assignment create one! I am always experimenting with light trying to refine light I am using and to find new ways off lighting. It keeps your mind fresh and creative. Collect pictures and figure out why you like them or why you don’t like them. It helped me to improve and find my own style.

JRP: Thank you Christine for sharing your thoughts and images with us. It has been wonderful and a real pleasure.

Christine Szeredy: Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity!

JRP: To view more of Christine Szeredy’s photography please follow these links:


5 thoughts on “Spotlight Interview … Fashion Photographer Christine Szeredy

  1. I believe this photographer is one of the best I have seen. She is extremely personable and talented. Many could learn from her. I believe she should be teaching as she is growing. Others my strive to achieve her abilities but few will make it. She is a rare talent.

  2. the best photographer all around U.S.
    nothing else to say..!! Because this wall is to small to talk about all the stream of emotions that watching at her creations can come out…!

  3. Christine is truly gifted. Stunning photos and so many avante garde. I enjoy creating with her, and assisting her with her ingenious shoots whenever I get the chance! She has captured all my visions when we work with her, and will continue to use her expertise for many projects. I also enjoy her sense of humor and her down to earth approach, she is highly recommended for all your photography/editorial and commercial.

  4. Christine does wonderful, creative photography and is an honest person with a good work ethic. I greatly admire her work and her own growth, personally and professionally.

  5. I wish I was really wealthy so that I could create occasions to hire Christine to do all of the photography. She has more talent in her little finger than almost all of the photographers’ works I have viewed over a lifetime. Congratulations to a lovely young woman who dares create her own “lens space.”

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