Spotlight Interview … Fashion / Fine Art Photographer Pawel Adamiec


Welcome Fashion / Fine Art Photographer Pawel Adamiec to James Robinson Photography Blog. Thank you Pawel for sharing a few moments with us. Where is home for you Pawel?

Pawel Adamiec: I’m from Poland. I was born in Lublin city and still live there today.

JRP: How did you get started in photography? Is there any formal training in your background?

Pawel Adamiec: My adventure with photo shooting, characterizations and stylization began in 2008. I needed something more than a simple life. 🙂 I’ve learned photo techniques through trial and error.


I attained the whole artistic craft during my Landscape – Architecture studies. How to match the colors and compositions I learned during painting. In my make-up I use principles derived from these fields of art. Since I am a teacher, I try to share my knowledge with others and hone my skills, so I put much emphasis on my photography development.

JRP: Could you name a couple of photographers that have inspired you and influenced your work?

Pawel Adamiec: I fully recommend the works of Tim Walker, Eugenio Recuenco or Stevena Klein. Also masters of breath-taking movies Tim Burton and Ridley Scott.

JRP: Personal projects, how do they influence the development of your vision and technique?


Pawel Adamiec: In a creative work I put on a controlled spontaneity in the choice of colors and forms, and high flexibility in the use of objects. My approach to work is always very critical and looking back, a lot of things I would change. This is a type of artistic development. The main principle for me is creation of unusual things, innovative and minimal duplication of patterns, and as a result I get a new quality.

JRP: Do you have a team that assists you with your projects, and if so what roles do they play?


Pawel Adamiec: I do not like working with large groups of people. This is why I like to do everything on my own. Makeup, hair, costumes and set designs are my ideas, thus the vision of the session is very consistent.

JRP: What would we find in your camera bag for a typical shoot?

Pawel Adamiec: In my bag of photographic equipment you can find various types of clips, paper clips, tapes, scissors and threads. All of which can be useful during the session. Usually I use one lens and one body, because I do not like unnecessary baggage.

JRP: Do you have a preference in lighting … artificial or available light? What are your most often used light modifiers?


Pawel Adamiec: I prefer ambient light. In the field I do not use flash, because I like to employ what I find in a given place. I use only big reflector. Of course before session I do vision of land to select the appropriate light conditions.

In the studio I use two large softboxes, Quantum lamps and various lamp covers that I’ve made from crippled paper and aluminum foil.

JRP: Describe your digital work flow and the software you use?

Pawel Adamiec: As a photographer, I use Canon 50D with Sigma lens – 16-70 and Canon lens 85. In post processing I use Adobe Photoshop 6.


As a make-up artist and costume designer I use unusual materials and specifics that are not necessarily used for makeup such as oil, coffee, flour, wallpaper paste. In costumes I use items such as paper books, cords and ropes, wire racks, sticks, cardboard, sisal, gauze dressings, bandages, foil, foliage and fruit trees, dead insects, torn material, curtains.

JRP: When you look through the viewfinder is there a critical moment in the capture of your image?

Pawel Adamiec: I push the shutter button only when I see in the model some new and unusual emotions. It is important to capture the moment, climate, scenery and the experience in due course.

JRP: Name a shoot or project that revealed the distance you’ve come as an artist.

Pawel Adamiec: My first professional, artistic session was “Pierrots Girlfriend“, my sister Gusin posed for me. She was a model, who I use to study shooting and characterization. After this session I knew which direction in photography was proper for me.

JRP: Where do you look for inspiration when it is needed?

Pawel Adamiec: Most of my projects arise spontaneously under the influence of emotions during the listening of music. I look for inspiration in nature (forms, structures, processes), old fairy tales (Never-ending Story), Hayao Miyazaki anime, theater and music videos.

JRP: If not photography what would Pawel Adamiec be doing with his time?

Pawel Adamiec: If I were someone other than a photographer, then for sure I would give attention to a different art form like painting or sculpture. I have a great need to express myself in the form of artistic work. In this way I relax and fulfill in my life.

JRP: So far what has been the best advice given to you by another photographer?

Pawel Adamiec: A famous photographer once told me to don’t worry about the criticism of the others and don’t take it personally. But I always listen to what people have to say. 🙂 In this way I know the preferences of my recipients.

JRP: What advice would you like to share with other photographers?


Pawel Adamiec: What is really important in photography is finding inspiration and meaning in space. The more we contemplate what surrounds us, the more we become susceptible to it. Keep in mind that we live in a world of illusions, perceptions of space and time, dependent on our senses. So nothing is what it seems to be.

JRP: Thank you Pawel for sharing this time with us. We wish you continued success.

Pawel Adamiec: You’re welcome. I hope, that I have shown blog-readers my vision of the world.

JRP: To view more of Pawel Adamiec’s photography please follow these links:


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