Spotlight Interview … Fashion / Beauty Photographer Glenn Prasetya

JRP: Fashion / Beauty Photographer Glenn Prasetya is the subject of this segment of JRP Blog. Thank you Glenn for sharing time with our readers.

Glenn Prasetya: Hi, thanks for the interview.

JRP: Where do you call home Glenn?

Glenn Prasetya: Indonesia is where I grew up.

JRP: How did you get your start in photography? Do you have any formal training?

Glenn Prasetya: I was taking Visual Communication Design at the University and that’s where I learned the basics of photography. After-wards, it was trial and error until I found the style that I liked most.

JRP: Is there a photographer whose work has inspired you and helped to define your approach to Fashion and Beauty Photography?

Glenn Prasetya: I used to observe Leslie Kee’s work but these days I love Solve Sundsbo, Steven Klein and Camilla Arkans.

JRP: Do you have a support staff? What areas do they handle?

Glenn Prasetya: Yes. I have my Producer, who handles all my commercial job production and any formal dealing. I have my photography assistant, who follows me everywhere taking care of the details of my equipment, file organizing, and sharing ideas. He’s like my second eyes. My Lighting Man who takes care of my lighting, set, and equipment. My freelance Digital Artist who handles my post production.

JRP: What equipment would I find in your camera bag or studio for a typical shoot?

Glenn Prasetya: Canon 5D II body, Canon lenses: 24-70mm L 2,8 ; 100mm L 2,8 ; 50mm 1,4 ; Lens Baby, and a reflector.

JRP: What lighting equipment do you favor and why? What lighting set-up do you prefer to use in your studio sessions and why?

Glenn Prasetya: I always prefer natural light, where we could capture the mood better. Yet for studio lighting I use a beauty dish, standard zoom, soft box, and I use Profoto.

JRP: Could you describe your digital work-flow and the software you use?

Glenn Prasetya: For DSLR I use Digital Photo Professionals, for Digital Back pack I use Phocus. For post pro we always use Adobe Photoshop.

JRP: With today’s economy how have you adjusted the planning and execution of your projects to remain competitive yet functional?

Glenn Prasetya: I like to be on location, where we have all the surroundings. If we have to build props and a set, I always re-use and recycle them in different sessions.

JRP: What has been some of the best advice given to you by another photographer?

Glenn Prasetya: Being a good photographer is not about beautiful light, but directing and delivering a concept.

JRP: What special advice would you like to share with other photographers?

Glenn Prasetya: Being a good photographer is about team work and attitude.

JRP: Thank you Glenn for sharing your thoughts and images with us. It has been a real pleasure.

Glenn Prasetya: It’s been my pleasure. Thank you very much!

JRP: To view more of Glenn Prasetya’s photography please follow this link:


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