Spotlight Interview … Fashion / Beauty Photographer Dallas Logan


JRP: We would like to welcome Fashion / Beauty Photographer Dallas Logan to this segment of James Robinson Photography Blog. Thank you Dallas for sharing this time with our readers.

Dallas Logan: Thank you James. I am flattered and honored to be interviewed.

JRP: Where do you call home Dallas?

Dallas Logan: My home and studio are currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

JRP: How did you get started in photography? Do you have any formal training?


Dallas Logan: I’ve always been involved in photography since I was a child. My uncle was a photographer and it was through him came my first introduction to photography when I was about 10 or so. I never understood how the image went from the camera to an actual print. He had a makeshift darkroom in the basement of his home and one day he took me in there. I saw him develop images and once I saw him agitate an image into existence I was immediately hooked.

As for formal training … no, I had none, however, I’ve had some AMAZING mentors along the way.

JRP: Who are some of the photographers that have inspired you and helped to define your approach to photography?

Dallas Logan: I am considered a dinosaur in the industry and most of my idols are still my idols today. The biggest influence to inspire me is by far Herb Ritts, as well as Richard Avedon, Robert Mapplethorpe, Peter Lindburgh, Annie Leibovitz, Bruce Weber, Mario Testino, Steven Klein, and Steven Meisel.

JRP: Dallas, you mentioned some “Old School” idols … have you ever had a muse and if so how did you and your photography benefit?


Dallas Logan: James, if you were to view my hard-book portfolio you will see all my muses. I am inspired by every subject that is in my book. On the flip side (and this may sound odd) I consider myself to be like a photographic whore. I personally do not like re-shooting models. If we (meaning the model and I) have achieved something absolutely amazing, I want to move on to the next model and try to create something equally as amazing with them. It never stops.

JRP: You obviously have competent support and a first class studio to work out of but in the beginning what was it like?

Dallas Logan: Grueling … I’ve worked out of my dining room for quite some time as I perfected my craft. I had a fully furnished dining room and in order to have a shoot I would have to clear out a large dining room table that seated 6, a china cabinet as well as a full bar. I shudder today thinking about that, but it kept me in good shape. 🙂

JRP: What would I find in your camera bag or studio for a typical shoot?

Dallas Logan: PocketWizards, an 18% gray card, my trusty light meter, and of course the camera of choice for the day.

JRP: What lighting set ups do you favor and why?

Dallas Logan: I don’t have a “favorite” light set up per se. I shoot from a very emotional place and I shoot in order to favor the subject and to create an emotion. If ever given a choice of lighting it will always be hard contrast lighting.

JRP: Please describe your digital work-flow and the software you use?


Dallas Logan: I normally shoot tethered to a computer and the software I use is Capture One, which is also my raw converter. I process the photo and do all my retouching in Photoshop.

JRP: For you what is the most critical moment in the capture of your images?

Dallas Logan: Anyone who knows me knows that I liken a photo shoot to a bout of lovemaking. It is my job to make the subject feel sexy, desirable, angry, etc. It is the job of the subject to convey that emotion back to me and it is my job to capture it. The better our lovemaking, the better the “babies” (photos).

JRP: You make it a point to share your knowledge via workshops, why?

Dallas Logan: I was blessed to have some amazing teachers and mentors in my life and I asked one, “How in the world can I repay you for this knowledge?” His reply was, “pay it forward.”

I come from the realm of film and with the advent of digital photography the learning curve has dropped really low. In the old days you had to know geometry, chemistry, physics as well as have an artistic eye. Today people are buying cameras, buying lights, and calling themselves photographers without understanding the artistry or craft of photography. I want my fellow photographers to be better, especially the photographic artist of color.

JRP: If not photography what would Dallas Logan be doing with his time?

Dallas Logan: James I cannot imagine my life without photography. I breathe, eat, and live this life.

JRP: What has been some of the best advice given to you by another photographer?


Dallas Logan: Shoot what you love because if you do, you will shoot it well. Don’t shoot for money, eventually the money will come.

JRP: What special advice would you like to share with other photographers?

Dallas Logan: Really learn the ins and outs of photography. Learn your true value and learn the actual business.

JRP: Thank you Dallas for sharing your time, thoughts, and images with us. We wish you continued success.

To view more photography or obtain workshop information by Dallas Logan please follow these links:


One thought on “Spotlight Interview … Fashion / Beauty Photographer Dallas Logan

  1. I met Dallas in an online Photographers forum and found him to be not only a Photographer creative, but a genuine overall human being who loves,enjoys and has a passion for Photography and “up lifting” those who he comes in contact with and his willingness to share his expertise. I took his “Light Is LIGHT” workshop and I must admit it was one of the most “enlightening” workshops I have ever taken. I primarily photograph Destination Weddings outdoors. After getting an introduction to his workshop and some of his techniques in studio, one of the most important things that I took away from his workshop is “light is LIGHT”. “Shooting outdoors can be much more challenging dealing with the sun and the ever changing conditions”. For me that was a huge part of having a better understanding of his workshop overall. Using the “tools” he shares helps to give you a road map to add your own “creative spin” on your photography. I highly recommend taking his workshop. You won’t regret it. Thanks Dallas for being the person you are. Continued success.

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