Spotlight Interview … Photographer Mark Anthony Kathurima

Mark1 Port

Mark Anthony Kathurima is a gifted and talented photographer and member of the Photo community who resides in Nairobi, Kenya. It was his wedding and event work that caught my eye and led to me requesting an interview.

JRP: Hello Mark and thank you for taking time out of your busy day to share with our readers, I really appreciate this.

How long have you been a photographer and when did you get your start?

Mark Anthony Kathurima: It’s interesting you should ask that. Yesterday I was looking through an old photo album and I realized that I’ve actually been shooting for about 10 years (casually) at family events, etc. However, I took it to semi-pro level just over 3 ½ years ago, when I got my first SLR camera. I guess that was when God gave me my wake-up call that I can actually charge for my work.

JRP: What type of camera, lighting equipment, and processing software do you use?

Mark Anthony Kathurima: I use Canon gear: I have a Rebel G (EOS 500N) film camera and a Rebel XTi (EOS 400D) digital SLR. My lighting setup consists of a Speedlite 580EXII and a second, generic tilt & bounce flash. I also have a 5-in-1 reflector disc. Pretty basic, really. I use Photoshop CS2 for post-processing and have my work printed in a lab.

JRP: You have been a member of for two years. Are there any other n-line groups that you are a member of or that you use to display your work? Has this association helped to broaden your photographic horizons?

Mark Anthony Kathurima: Photo.Net is the only group in which I can say I’m an active member. Through this community I have learned so much and made many friends from across the globe. I find it an invaluable resource and now I try to contribute as much as I can in the forums and in critiquing images especially of newcomers. I have been exposed to some stunning photography through the site; work that inspires as well as challenges me to aspire to such heights.

JRP: You have indicated to me that photography is your passion but you are an engineer. Do you find any disciplines shared between the two professions?

Mark Anthony Kathurima: Engineering is about precision and I find that I try to apply this as much as possible to my photography.

For instance, I try to get the metering correct right from the start and tend to avoid bracketing unless I really have to. I also enjoy the physics of optics as applied to cameras and lenses, as well as the mechanics of lighting.

JRP: Mark your work has helped to increase my knowledge and understanding of the impact images can have on this world. As I look at your work I have come to appreciate that people and events are pretty much universal worldwide. Your wedding images helped me to see that the views and concerns of your wedding clients there are just as demanding and expecting as those here or anywhere else in the world.

Mark Anthony Kathurima: Having had the privilege of spending a few years abroad, I have come to realize that people the world over have the same basic make-up James. They react to the same stimuli and have similar expectations. What differs is the environment in which they live and nuances like language. I love people, and I guess that’s why I find much of my work is portraiture. Through trying to develop a unique style of photography particularly for weddings, I have come to realize that my clients have indeed developed high expectations of me, because once I show them my work, they invariably expect similar or superior quality for their big day. This is good as it provides a challenge to me to improve with every wedding I have the privilege to shoot.

JRP: Mark thanks again for your time and continued success for you and your photography.

Mark Anthony Kathurima: Thank you for allowing me to share a bit about myself.

JRP: You can view more of Mark Anthont Kathurima’s work at:


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