A new challenge …

A stroke I suffered has slowed production on the blog. I am back home and doing better but it is a bit of a challenge working with just one hand!

I am in the process of gathering comments from other disabled photographers who might be willing to share their work/stories with our readers. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

We have also given the blog a new look … let me know what you think.

3 thoughts on “A new challenge …

  1. Welcome back JR! Love the white background and new look overall!! Please know we appreciate all of your hard work at providing this gateway to such wonderful talent including your own. Much peace and health to you. LD.

  2. Great to hear that you’re back in the saddle again. Thank God for the quick recovery. This is a nice bright site now and I can flow with the change, but I have to say I loved the black background better because it made the images pop.

    Anyway, I pray God grants you continued strength and health my friend.

  3. I just found you and really enjoyed reading you. I came in via the Ami Vitale interview.

    All the very best as you work your way through this new challenge.

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